Premium Axe Bracelet

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Band Type:  Pure Cotton
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Awesome Stainless Steel Axe Bracelet for the Heroic Warrior Within!

Tap into your inner warrior with this epic axe bracelet exclusive to Viking ValorInspired by the mighty axes of the Viking Age, wearing this bracelet will instil in you a primal sense of strength, fearlessness and valor.

Why the Viking Valor Axe Bracelet?

  • Unique - stand out from the crowd with a unique bracelet you won't find in any physical store
  • Different - why settle for any boring old bracelet? Embrace your individuality by rocking a one of a kind bracelet to match your personality
  • Eye Catching - what better conversion starter than "is that a f*cking axe on your wrist?"

Get yours today and stand out from the masses - this bracelet is selling like wildfire, so grab yours before our limited stock runs out.

Why is it worth having?

  • Premium stainless steel piece - strong, durable and weighty
  • Finely crafted with attention to detail - beautiful and intricate knotted pattern
  • Your choice of durable leather thread or 100% cotton cord - easy hook mechanism means your bracelet will never fall off your wrist
  • Comes with a FREE sturdy metal box - so your bracelet remains safe when you're not wearing it
  • Exclusively found on Viking Valor - order yours today and enjoy a premium Viking Valor Exclusive
Cotton Cord
Leather Thread

A Closer Look...

Not only does it look fantastic, the axe bracelet simply feels awesome to wear. The mixture of durable cord and steel makes for a comfortable snug fit around your wrist.

Intricate knotted artwork engraved on the smooth stainless steel axe head is both beautiful and striking

Durable yet stylish 100% cotton cord feels amazing wrapped snugly around your wrist

Quality faux leather thread for ultimate comfort and style

Bonus Tip: Take the bracelet off and swing it around during your battle cry to instil fear (and a little jealousy for owning such a cool bracelet) in your enemy.

Warning: Wearing this Viking axe bracelet may cause spontaneous beard growth.

Length: 23.6" (60 cm)