Fenrir's Protection - Stainless Steel Bracelet

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In the realm where gods and mortals converge, behold "Fenrir's Protection" – a symbol of unmatched power, concealed within an adaptable form.

Forged from the unyielding strength of stainless steel, this bangle embodies the unwavering might of Fenrir, the formidable wolf of legend. Embracing your wrist at a length of 14.5cm, it bestows an aura of undeniable authority, promising a fit adjustable to even the most formidable wrists.

In the timeless dance between light and shadow, "Fenrir's Protection" emerges as both guardian and herald of destiny. Your choices shape the narrative, forging a path that resonates across realms, affecting the fates of gods and mortals alike. Choose your path with care, for with each twist and turn, you embark on a journey that will define the very essence of your existence.

The bangle length of 14.5cm, with the flexibility to be adjusted for a comfortable fit on wrists of various sizes. It's essential to ensure an accurate measurement of your wrist before making your selection to ensure the perfect fit.