Fashion for engineers or utilitarian wear for fashionistas? Modernist functionalism or over the top cosplay? Taking its cues from materials science, martial arts, performance gear and cyberpunk, techwear is a quiet revolution, reshaping the fashion industry.

There is no hard and fast definition of techwear. To some people, an orange Marmot Precip rain jacket is techwear because of its functionality, despite its looks.

The category of techwear is perhaps best defined in the fuzzy terms of “family resemblance” that Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote about in Philosophical Investigations, arguing that some things are related not by some essential common feature, but by a series of overlapping similarities, even though no single feature is common to all of the things. If you look at techwear as a spectrum, with Veilance on one end and Instagram cosplayers on the other, these extremes would seem to have almost nothing in common. Still they are connected through their references and their relations to other brands. The family resemblance of techwear is a mesh of materials, functionality, aesthetics, sci-fi references, brand relationships and design philosophy.

This iconoclastic branch of fashion is perched right at the intersection of cutting-edge functionality and cyberpunk cool, in the spot where innovations from outdoor and performance gear are fused with urban style, where progressive designers innovate, coax the most out of new materials and create everyday garments truly of the 21st century. Convention be damned. This is techwear. That's why we are here.


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